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Heaton Public School Library is a welcoming hub for learning. It has a wide range of books as well as an interactive whiteboard and student computers. It is a place that promotes and fosters a love of reading for all. Our library is a learning environment that supports students and teachers to become effective users of information and technology. It encourages creative problem solvers and inquiry learning.

Heaton Public School Library

Opening Times

The library operates for library lessons during school hours Monday-Friday. It is also available for classes who require extra research time.

The library is open at the second-half of lunch Monday-Friday At lunchtime there are many activities including: reading, craft, drawing, colouring, chess, board games, puppets and animal sets. 


Students are able to borrow books from the library during library lessons or at lunchtimes.

Years K-2 are able to borrow a maximum of 2 books at a time.

Years 3-6 are able to borrow a maximum of 4 books at a time (including books kept in the classroom).

Occasionally, your child may bring home an overdue notice. Please have a look for the books listed and either return the books or send a note explaining what has happened. If the book is lost or damaged, paying for the replacement cost is greatly appreciated and will help to keep the library collection well-stocked.


The library has a well-resourced collection of literature and information books. The collection contains the following

  • Non-Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Junior Fiction
  • Senior Fiction
  • Picture Books
  • Reference
  • Teacher Reference
  • Graphic Novels

Library Lessons

Each week, every class has the opportunity to take part in library lessons. During these one-hour lessons, students are able to

  • Borrow and return books
  • Develop a love of reading and discover new literature
  • Study authors and illustrators
  • Develop research skills and information literacy (being able to find, use, create and share information)
  • Learn about copyright, navigate books and websites to find information, use keywords to answer questions and make notes.


The Teacher Librarian is dedicated to providing a well-resourced library, developing information literacy skills and promoting a love of literature.

Mrs Kylie Majer is the Library Assistant who helps with all aspects of the library. She works hard to ensure that new books are accessioned and maintains our computer records.

Any parent helpers who are able to volunteer their time to assist with tasks such as tidying shelves or covering new books would be greatly appreciated.

Library Collection Management Policy

A copy of our policy can be found here Library Procedures 2020.